Career Coaching

Most people spend approximately a third of their lives at work, this is way too much time to spend with what you do not fully enjoy. Either taking your career to the next step or yet just choosing a career path here are a few questions to consider:

How much are you passionate about what you do?
Does your future/current job capitalize on your full potential?
How satisfied are you with your current role and career progression?
How much do you enjoy your work environment and your colleagues?

Relationship and Family Coaching

Your immediate and extended social network can have a significant influence on your life, your decisions and your overall happiness:

Are you content with your relationships?
Does your relationship fulfills your needs? What are your needs that are not met?
What could you do to make your relationship even stronger?
Do you have recurring conflicts with your loved ones and looking for a win-win solution?

Inner Strength Coaching

There is an innate need in all human beings to expand and grow further. Knowing your personal strengths will help you to go beyond your imagination.

Would you like to leverage on your full personal strength to achieve something extraordinary?
What are your biggest dreams that you do not have the courage to step in?
What bothering personal habits can you not overcome?
Would you like to access your deep-routed wisdom?​

Cultural Awareness, Expat Coaching

In the “Globetrotter” age the expat community is like a revolving door. Colleagues and friends are in and out. You are in constant move, have to embrace the “New” and leave the “Old “ behind.

Do you keep looking back and miss what you left in another country or is this your first time overseas and everything is strange and scary to you?
Does constant change and uncertainty of planning where you land in future put you on an emotional roller coaster?
Do you easily become agitated by cultural differences?
What are the things you cannot adapt?   

Coaching can be used to help you achieve a variety of goals. As clients vary in terms of their own progress and time constraints, sessions and packages are tailored depending on your specific needs.


Discovery Session

This is a free, pre-requisite initial session to:
– explore areas you would like coaching on
– answer any questions you have about the process
– discuss the structure, timing and pricing of sessions

Below are some typical structured packages that work for many clients:

Rapid Growth
– 4 sessions of 60 minutes each
– 1 session per week
– 2 weekly email exchanges if needed
– Great for those who are eager to establish momentum at a rapid pace.

Sustained Motivation package
– 10 sessions of 60 minutes each
– distributed as required over 3 months
– 2 weekly email exchanges if desired
– Ideal for keeping yourself in check and maintaining your focus on your goals