Eva Aksahin is a certified professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and psychologist, who supports clients to manage life transitions and make the most of change by approaching these changes with clarity, confidence and positivity.

Eva is a firm believer in the following: you don’t always get to chose what life gives to you, but what you can choose is the mindset that how you deal with it.

Having tackled major setbacks in life and being certified as a CPCC and psychologist have enabled her to help others to do the same.

Eva offers individual coaching and counseling in the following topics: leverage on your job loss and career transition; thriving personal transformation and positivity, building harmonious relationships by acceptance and compassion.
Eva’s credentials:
Certified Professional Co-active Coach (2015)
Autogenic Training Therapist (2008)
MA in Psychology in University of Szeged (2006)