"I am pursuing a career change, however I was bouncing up and down and I was not satisfied with my progress. Eva helped me very smartly to have a better understanding of my inner barriers and how my past negative experiences were holding me back.
She made these barriers and negative experiences so clear and tangible to me so that I can recognize them and prevent them from holding me back.
I felt so relieved and energized after each coaching session with Eva. She is an excellent listener with great capabilities to make complicated ideas simple. She is brilliant in making people visualize their dreams and touch it. She has something unique to make one feel reassured.
I think her unique coaching style is not only because of phycology background but also because of her wide experience and her warm personality. It was a great experience to be coached by Eva." - Nagy, United Arab Emirates

“Eva is a talented coach who can help you if you need to make a change or improvement, even if you aren’t sure what direction you want to go in, or what your end goal is. She asks the right questions and makes you think about what’s really important and how to get there. I highly recommend her!" - Adam, Singapore

​​​Discover how to turn your vicious circle into virtuous circle or simply how to be the better version of you by exploring your inner strengths, finding resonant choices, planning consciously and owning your actions.

Stepping into a journey of personal growth is not always easy. There will be times of ups and downs. During your journey as a client you will discover your potentials and you will learn how to leverage upon your strengths. Similarly, you will become more aware of your less appealing side too by striping off the masks that are shaped by beliefs, expectation and motives. 

During the coaching sessions you will work with both your logical, active part, which is called the “doing “ side of your self, as well as with your emotional part, which is called in coaching as your “being“ part. They co-exist and feed into each other. However, every real transformation happens first at the emotional level.

I have a tremendous trust in my clients that they are capable of living their dreams, finding higher purpose and achieve their goals, which can manifest in being more fulfilled in their relationships, having a job that resonates with their values, following their inner calling or finding their inner peace.

I truly believe that YOU are also capable of achieving your dreams and finding your purpose!